technology overview

“always at the cutting edge of technology”

Jet Technologies

state of the art equipment

Impact Labels continually invests in the latest print technology. We know that by combining the highest level of machinery and tooling, the most innovative ink system, and high-quality dies and paper we can guarantee the best quality printed labels and packaging for our customers.

supplier relationships

“Having dealt with Impact Labels for a number of years in my role as Director of Labels and Packaging at Currie Group, I have come to know Byron Hudghton and many of his employees very well. I admire their passion to the cause and they have always been a pleasure to deal with both professionally and on a personal level.

Seeing the business grow to where it has to today is a tribute to Byron and his team. You can certainly feel the care and attention to detail he gives every customer.

Having supported Impact Labels with three key items of printing and converting equipment in as many years, we have seen the dedication Impact Labels has to providing continued innovation to its customer base.  Their ability to demonstrate the benefits of leading-edge technology and guide by example sets them apart from the competition.

We are a proud partner of Impact Labels and hope to continue the relationship for many years to come.”


Mark Daws | Director of Labels & Packaging ANZ | Currie