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Jet Technologies

100% digital  web inspection

Our FleyeVision 100% print inspection system guarantees perfect results, prevents costly customer rejections and delivers an impressive return on investment. Fast, accurate and fully automated, FleyeVision can be configured to meet your inspection requirements exactly. In addition to checking for scratches, hickeys, and letter or text irregularities, it can detect register shifts or colour deviations.


  • High-speed digital camera – for accurate, real-time identification of faults
  • Flexible – inspection parameters can be fine-tuned to meet your needs, then saved for future reference
  • LED illumination – enables reflective surfaces, even foils and holographic materials, to be inspected

Axicon barcoding

Axicon have been world leaders in Barcode technology since 1979. Impact Labels has invested in Axicon barcoding software and hardware to ensure that all our customers barcodes are both GS1 certified and have guaranteed scan ability. Axicon software is used on every barcode produced as part of our Quality Assurance System ensuring barcodes are the correct width and ink density.

supplier relationships

“We are delighted to be working with Impact Labels. Their passion for quality and getting things right first time fits well with our own ethos. They are a winning company and are always pushing the boundaries to be at the very cutting edge of technology.  The investment they have made in their colour management program demonstrates their commitment to their customers and is testament to their vision.”

James Montgomery | Ink Product Manager | Jet Technologies