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“…always pushing the boundaries to be at the very cutting edge of technology


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In 2017 we installed the fastest narrow web UV flexographic press in the Australasian market. With the quickest set-up and change over times, perfect registration and very high print speeds Impact Labels can offer high quality labels at competitive prices.

Omet X-Flex X6 430

This Italian designed and manufactured press is the latest innovation in UV flexographic label and film printing. It has full servo technology, short web path, perfect registration, quick set up time and considerably reduced waste. The press consistently runs at 200 metres per minute and with its high precision and inner stability we are able to run more detailed plates resulting in a higher quality finished product. The servo drives ensure perfect registration running at high speed and drastically reduce down time needed for maintenance creating greater efficiency.

Gallus ECS 340

The Gallus ECS 340 is a Swiss designed and German made press acquired by Impact Labels in 2013. Unique to the Gallus is a granite press base which provides a more stable platform than metal used in traditional presses. The granite base reduces vibration and noise allowing for consistent registration at full speed. The Gallus is an eight unit press and consistently runs at 150 metres per minute. With over 55 million metres of labels printed to date the Gallus ECS still produces the same quality and reliability as it did on day one.

supplier relationships

“We are delighted to be working with Impact Labels. Their passion for quality and getting things right first time fits well with our own ethos. They are a winning company and are always pushing the boundaries to be at the very cutting edge of technology.  The investment they have made in their colour management program demonstrates their commitment to their customers and is testament to their vision.”

James Montgomery | Ink Product Manager | Jet Technologies