Impact labels is the number one supplier of food grade poly tags to the Australian abattoir industry. We have been supplying carcass tags and box labels to the abattoir industry since the business began back in 2006. Our knowledge of the industry, unparalleled food compliant ink system and cost-efficient short web presses make us the ideal partner for this essentially Australian business.

customer satisfaction

“Stanbroke has used Impact for all our label requirements for a number of years now.

During this time Impact have consistently proven themselves through delivering both a quality product and high levels of customer service. They have continually supported our business by proactively advising us of the latest solutions in market, identifying opportunities for us to further benefit our business and assisting in the development of packaging design concepts.

We would recommend any business seeking a label supplier to consider Impact Labels.”

Jonathon Elsley | Manager Marketing | Stanbroke